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Temperature alarm conditions alert the user when the ideal conditions are not met and the user needs to be notified. Freeze Alarms will call the user with a valid phone number and alert them that the temperature is not correct in the spot the alarm is in. There are various Freeze Alarm models to choose from. Each Freeze Alarm dialer has different features which will allow the user to choose the specific model to suit the user’s needs. Monitoring a home, cottage, or cabin for extreme temperatures has never been easier. Freeze Alarm Home Sitter Model: FAHS700 Temperature, power, and water alarm conditions are monitored with this device. An alarm will sound when the condition is met, and it will contact you as well. Freeze Alarm Intermediate Model: FAI Automatically calls up to three (3) phone numbers when the temperature rises above or goes below the actual programmed set-point. Another alert that the FAI will do is alert if there is a defective part/failure. If the power fails for a particular amount of time in the unit, or the backup requires a new battery, the user is alerted. Remotely checking the temperature is another great feature of the FAI model. The battery status and voltage is also able to be tracked by calling the Freeze Alarm from any phone in the world. Deluxe Freeze Alarm Model: FAD2 Has all the features of the Intermediate model plus the convenience of warming up before arriving at home. Simply call the unit before leaving from the current location. While on route to the home destination, the place will be warming up. Uncle Albert Alarm 600 System Model: UAD600KIT Wireless alarm system which monitors water, temperature, and freeze conditions. The Freeze Alarm Home Sitter is similar to the Uncle Albert where if a temperature or water alarm should occur, the unit will call multiple phone numbers alerting the appropriate personnel.
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Worried about not having a phone line? No Problem! All of the above Freeze Alarm Units will work with the below cellular services Creating a phone line when you do not have one present can be a daunting task. Whether it’s digging, placing, or running phone line from one point to another, it can still be an untimely mess and not fun. With cellular coverage now a top choice for phones, there are two (2) main choices to make a wireless signal. Fixed cellular terminal (Telular SX6) and a Bluetooth device (XLink) are the two main types. Fixed Cellular Terminal is a device that allows the user to dial a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) through the FCT. The enterprise will allow the user to make/receive calls through the GSM/CMDA network. XLink: Bluetooth communication solution that will allow the user to be reached on any cell phone that has Bluetooth when the dialer tries to alarm the user. XLink will send all incoming calls to your dialer and when the alarm goes off, the cell phone will ring and the user is notified.